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ProAttika Systems®

The architecturally minimalist innovative hidden roof edge system.

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The ProAttika System®

The core of the system is a specially formed insulation block consisting of EPS and MW and the ProAttika® profile. The ProAttika® profile consists of a base profile over which a closing profile is slid. The profile allows for perfect alignment and a 100% waterproof whole. With ProAttika®, the roof insulation of the flat roof fits perfectly with the outer wall insulation. As a result, there are no more unauthorized heat losses and your facade is optimally thermally packed.


Profile 03 S

The ProAttika Profile® 03 S has been developed for all granulate colored self-cleaning decorative plasters from our partners, grain thickness from 0.5 mm to 3 mm.


Profile 03 L.

The ProAttika Profile® 03 L has been developed for all smooth decorative plasters and mineral stone slips from our partners.


Profile 03 XL

The ProAttika Profile® 03 XL has been developed for all Ceramic Brick Slips from our partners.


Basic Details

The basic ProAttika System® details can be found here, the effective project details can be discussed with our professional licensed partners.


Lab tests

Laboratory tests performed on the ProAttika ® concept, components, compatible with products from certified Etics manufacturers.

BSTB ProAttika System® is in possession of a European trademark, Patent & Design protection.

      ProAttika® System Protection

The engine behind the ProAttika System®
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I was active as an ETICS consultant for 30 years and was in daily contact with architects, engineering offices and clients. The theme of the roof edge has also been discussed here.
After numerous test projects, I developed a hidden roof edge system 10 years ago to respond to the demand for even tighter and minimalist architecture, the search for the suitable materials for this innovation has been a very long way, research, prototypes, simulations, up to 8 years ago the first prototype building with the ProAttika System ® was successfully realized

BSTB E-Consult was founded in ZULTE in 2018 and has since grown into an innovative company of new developments in facade insulation systems for our partners, designers and professionals who believe in creating inspiring projects. In all our innovative developments, we strive for the perfect balance between sustainability and beauty. Together with our partners, our goal is not only to create stunning structures, but also to develop new energy and climate-friendly facade systems, in which BSTB ProAttika Systems ® can contribute. Our work is largely focused on cooperation with our partners who commercialize our innovative developments internationally and under license the ProAttika System®.


Bonny Stefaan
Developer & Director of BSTB E-Consult BV.

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